Five Ideas That Could Change the World from Chicago Ideas Day Four

Chicago Ideas Week showed no signs of slowing down on Day Four, where speakers explored topics like artificial intelligence, the Supreme Court, trade, facing your fears, tackling taboos, and more. As the future unfolds, take a look at these quotes that show how the world is changing around us and what we can do to summon the strength for change within ourselves.

Former Ambassador to Canada Bruce Heyman participated in a spirited conversation at Trump, Trade, and Tariffs

“We have the biggest economy in the world going to war with the second-biggest economy in the world. We don’t know where this is going to go. We don’t know what the implications are going to be….this is a slippery slope. The implications are far-reaching and it’s very, very dangerous.” —Bruce Heyman on US relations with China


Professor Steve Weber gets serious about AI realities during Artificial Intelligence: Stop Fearing It and Start Understanding It

“Machines are going to do everything that’s routine, and that doesn’t matter if that’s skilled routine, or unskilled routine.” —Steve Weber


Author Casey Gerald signs a book after Losing My Religion

“I had to let go of the god that I was given to find the god that I needed.”  —Casey Gerald on his relationship to god as a gay man


Activist Masih Alinejad fired up the crowd at Fear(less).


“Darkness is like a monster. If you let your fear win, the darkness will devour you. So stare into the darkness….I open my eyes as much as I can and that is the way I learned how to fight against the darkness and be fearless.” —Masih Alinejad


Steven Dyme, speaks at Doing Well to Do Good about his company Flowers for Dreams.

“Each of has a super skill. A super power….Think about how you can find and develop yours and impact your community.” —Steven Dyme

Jennifer Boudinot is a freelance writer and entrepreneur focused on the changing workplace, disruptive business practices and cocktails—yes, cocktails. She's also a book editor and a best-selling ghostwriter.

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