Five Quotes from Chicago Ideas Day Three That Will Change Your Point of View

Chicago Ideas Week Day Three brought political philosophies, creative ideologies, and of course, big ideas to venues across the city. Members of the Chicago Ideas community took a moment to step outside of their daily lives, whether it was through a new look at the way our nation is being run, a peek into the minds of some “radical creators,” or even a trip to the new wndr museum at one of our Labs. Here are five quotes that might change your point of view.

Comic/Actor Cameron Esposito speaks with Fawzia Mirza at Radical Creators.

“They are told as if there are no survivors in the room. I always assume there’s a survivor in the room.” —Cameron Esposito on jokes about sexual assault.

Alejandro Gac-Artigas joined the rest of our 2018 BHSI fellows to discuss the inspiration behind his work.

“A parent’s love is the single greatest and most underutilized resource in education.” —Alejandro Gac-Artigas

Krista Vernoff delights Fawzia Mirza (and the crowd) at Radical Creators.

“You can’t say vagina, which describes the anatomy of 51 percent of the population, and it’s really horrific misogyny,” —Krista Vernoff on the TV censorship that led to Grey’s Anatomy‘s famous term “va-jay-jay.”

Presidential historian Jon Meacham enlightens the crowd at The Party Is Over: How America Will Get Past its Polarized Politics.

“Partisanship is the oxygen to democracy. Without partisanship, there is only autocracy of one person. The problem we have at the moment is reflexive partisanship.” —Jon Meacham


Chicago Ideas Founder Brad Keywell drops some wisdom before Radical Creators.

 “My provocation to each of us is perhaps we are all artists, perhaps we all have the innate ability and calling to create in this world.” —Brad Keywell

Jennifer Boudinot is a freelance writer and entrepreneur focused on the changing workplace, disruptive business practices and cocktails—yes, cocktails. She's also a book editor and a best-selling ghostwriter.

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