Five Ideas You Can’t Miss from Thursday at Chicago Ideas Week

The last day of Chicago Ideas Week was certainly not the least. In one of his first public appearances since his book, Catch and Kill, was released, Ronan Farrow unpacked the details of scandal and abusive power his reporting has laid bare. We looked into the disruptions and benefits brought about by a legalized cannabis industry, then discovered powerful clarity and purpose brought out by facing adversity with courage, tenacity, and resilience.

Here are five ideas we heard on our final day of Ideas Week + some ways to keep the energy going after the festival is over:

Tempo Founder and CEO Ryan Crane on the weak regulatory framework around the cannabis industry:

“You have this Wild West of maximum curiosity around the product but minimal regulation.You really need more strict regulations around what can be said and what can’t be said so the customer is getting credible information.”

Michigan Supreme Court Justice Richard Bernstein on what resilience means:

“At a certain point in life, you can’t spend your time and your energy and your effort focusing on how you’re going to be over it. You realize you have no other choice than to just get on with it.”

Chicago Ideas Founder & Chairman and Uptake Founder & CEO Brad Keywell on how to make your idea real:

“I understand how hard it is to have an idea and how hard it is to turn that idea into a thing. The crazier that idea and the less weight you put on it, the better—because that’s how you start a conversation.”

Civil rights activist and author DeRay Mckesson on your power to influence for change:

“Any idea that’s ever changed the world has started in a basement, a porch, a living room. You have access to those spaces.”

Investigative reporter Ronan Farrow on what he learned exposing the predatory sexual behavior of Harvey Weinstein:

“When there are persistent rumors of something gross, don’t assume that that’s all there is.”

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