Five Takeaways from Wednesday at Chicago Ideas Week

Wednesday took us into the heart of leadership, showing us how courage, tenacity, and faith in our vision can breed wild success and deep impact. We untangled the complicated ethical codes of our business world, explored how innovative entrepreneurship can change society, and discovered how women artists of color are changing how we see the world. At our Labs, we learned about the future of mining tech, got a taste of the future of culinary entrepreneurship, and took a shot on our big ideas with Hornitos.

Here are five ideas we heard yesterday that will change your perspective + programs to close out a powerful week:

BHSI Fellow and The Kelsey Founder Micaela Connery on finding your purpose:

“Find your north star. Whether that’s a person or a problem or an experience you had, lead towards that.”


Spotted CEO Janet Comenos on what her company has learned from creating disgrace insurance policies: 

“The companies where the executives have the greatest propensity to disgrace themselves are the companies where there’s a disparity in power between executives and who they serve.”


Choreographer and director Aku Kadogo on experiencing fresh perspectives:

“You may not understand the language but you understand something. That is art.” 


Writer and activist Jodie Patterson on how tech factors into her relationship with her children:

“I’m taking a very passive relationship with my children and technology, but I think they’re going to teach me how to manage a lot of it. It’s my job to make sure a lot of the tangible stuff we’re talking about is in the house.”


Founder of Zynga, Mark Pincus, on trusting your instincts:  

“As entrepreneurs on this journey, our mission is to separate these winning human instincts that we have from these losing ideas.” 

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