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Je Suis Charlie

We can’t link to all of the heartbreaking, inspiring, thought-provoking, complicated pieces written in light of the Charlie Hebdo attacks. Instead, we’ll let the satirical newspaper’s editors share their thoughts on the most recent issue.

Tina and Amy Forever

Now we know what movie we’ll be watching this weekend.

It wasn’t long before the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences wrested back control of the film and cultural conversation from Sunday’s Golden Globes—a new conversation that is, of course, not without its fair share of controversy. But even with Oscar season now fully in swing, there are a few jokes from Sunday’s monologue that we’re not sure we’ll ever forget, from that 72nd (and final) Globes.

36 Questions to Our Heart

This week’s “Modern Love” finally solved the problem of modern love, once and for all.

When Your Quarterback’s Your D&D Master

The Packers are as competitive off the field as on, thanks to a little game called Settlers of Catan.

There’s No Crying in Community College

President Obama’s plan for free community college receives backing from an unlikely source: Tom Hanks.

The Most Important Map You’ll Ever Read

“Literally every goat in the United States.”

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