This Week on the Internet

This week, we knew the Internet was on the right path when on Monday, David Sedaris got a Fitbit.
And in fact, the Internet only went up from there.

Chicago’s Best, Revealed


Based on The Chicago Reader’s recommendation, you can find us this weekend at Tacos Tequilas, home of the best tacos in the city.

The Chicago Reader just released their picks for the best of Chicago’s food, nightlife, music and more. Do you agree?

Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Fitbit

David Sedaris got a Fitbit and as a result, saw a cow give birth, had a garbage truck named after him and
wrote this thought-provoking article.

Marci, Marci, Marci

CIW’s Managing Editor/Resident TV Expert Erin Robertson is aware that this is satirical, but is also pretty sure she is Marci. So which one of you is Kelly? Just read the article, it will all make sense.

Twentieth-Century Technologies

What do condoms and machine guns have in common? Check out this WSJ info graphicto learn how WWI saw the acceptance of technologies we now view as commonplace and otherwise shaped the political, cultural and environmental landscape of today.

Opinion of the Day

University of Chicago’s Judge Richard Posner weighs in on the recent ruling that invokes the First Amendment to protect protestors outside abortion clinics, and more.

Ask for Help

Peter Rodger, father of Elliot, who killed six and injured 13 during the UCSB shooting over a month ago, has started a website that he hopes will help others understand and react to mental illness in loved ones and, ultimately, save lives. Check it out here

Mush and Nanas for BreakfastUSH & NANAS FOR BREAKFAST

The latest revolution sparked by social media is a quiet one, but significant nonetheless. Increasingly, a global community of teenage girls are turning to Instagram to battle eating disorders.

Rihanna Totally Called It

As it turns out, there really are diamonds in the sky.

Brooke Scheyer is the director of programming.

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