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Food, music and inspirational stories: The Internet was in fine form this week.


Who’s That Man behind the Curtain?

There’s even more to this picture than one might assume.

I normally stop reading when articles begin with, “A bearded man lurks beneath the surface,” but I’m glad I kept going with this one.

Reinventing the Food Chain

What are the economic, health, environmental and security costs of the one-third to one-half of food that is lost from field to plate each year? It’s enormous—but there’s hope.

When Music Meets Nature

In this ultimate combination of art and technology, Ukranian designer Anna Marinenko will have youseeing music(and beautiful landscapes around the world) in a way you’ve never even imagined.

The Rolling Stones?

Are you experiencing as much FOMO as me at the thought of a Stonehenge rager circa 2600 BC?

Improving Maternal Health

Yet another astounding breakthrough in the understanding of mental health: Post-partum depression may not just begin following pregnancy after all.

Typing, Fast and Slow

According to some, scribbling this sentence in my scrawling, slanted, half-cursive would have been way better for my brain. According to others, you can stick to typing, thank goodness.

A Brave New Voice

Every few days I hear a story and read an article that makes me marvel in the often simple but always incredible bravery of individuals around the world. This was it for me for this week.

Lady Gaga’s Coming for You Next, Paparazzi

And finally, I would totally be friends with these two celebrities IRL. And in my dreams.

Brooke Scheyer is the director of programming.

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