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This week on the Internet, an Englewood native plays fantastic tennis at the French Open, and we get Pinterest inspiration from 50 Cent.

Not One More

Please join Robert Martinez, the father of UCSB shooting victim Christopher Michaels-Martinez, in the ever-urgent effort to stop senseless gun violence. You can help create a change that saves lives.

Congratulations To…

Taylor Townsend celebrates her French Open win.

Taylor Townsend, whowas knocked out of the French Open today, but not before proving she’s the next big tennis star. We couldn’t be more proud of the Chicago native!

50 Cent Inspired Us to Use Pinterest Today

And that was just the first unexpected lesson we learned from this inside look at the life and times of the man who ensured you were never going to have another birthday without someone singing, “Go shorty…”

Big Wins for “Housing First” Policy

Between 2005 and 2012, homelessness in America declined by 17 percent, and a new study proves that the most cost-effective way to continue reducing those numbers is to give homes to the chronically homeless.

The Internet Destroyed Tom Cruise

And it’s all our fault. Check out this fascinating retrospective on how the birth of Youtube, internet journalism and that infamous “couch jump” changed pop culture forever.

Someone Call Nicholas Cage

We found the premise for his next movie! Turns out, the Pentagon actually has a Zombie Apocalypse Plan. Phew. We don’t know about you, but we feel much safer now.

Wait! Come Back, Tourists!

It was just the protective coating.

Brooke Scheyer is the director of programming.

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