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This week, the Internet got meta. Time to take a break and sample a beer (or two) at Chicago’s Craft Beer Week.

Ryan Gosling wearing a t-shirt of Maculay Culkin wearing a t-shirt of Ryan Gosling wearing a t-shirt of Maculay Culkin wants to see you at Chicago Craft Beer Week.

Closing the Graduation Gap

The University of Texas (a certain CIW staff member’s alma mater, hook ’em!) is in the middle of an extensive study aimed at ensuring first-generation college students make it through all four years of college and graduate with a degree. For more on this topic, check out by OneGoal Founder and CIW 2011 speaker Jeff Nelson.

Big Brothel Is Watching You

Let’s talk about sex. Sex work, more specifically. This City Lab series pushes taboo to the side and explores the reality of the oldest profession in today’s urban centers.

That Big Blue Thing Bruce Willis Is Always Trying to Save

John Oliver shows us why the only debate about climate change is what we should be doing about it.

Kids These Days

Saira Blair is like any other high schooler: She likes Instagram, volunteering and oh yeah, she just beat out a sitting state delegate for the House of Delegates in West Virginia. At 17, she’s not yet old enough to vote, but will be by the time November rolls around and the legislature reconvenes.

Trouble at the Times 

My Sunday morning coffee-and-paper ritual is apparently not shared by many. A leaked internal report by the New York Times indicates the journalism giant is struggling not just in print, which is to be expected in a digital age, but with all online and mobile content as well. And, of course, Jill Abramson’s departure was abrupt, to say the least.

Under the Category of…Wha?

Irene Triplett, the 84-year-old daughter of Pvt. Mose Triplett, a veteran of the US Civil War, is still receiving pension payment for her father’s military service over 150 years ago, as are sixteen widows and children of the 1898 Spanish-American War.

As My Grandma Always Says

Better busythan bored. Don’t let us hear you say there’s nothing to do today (or any day for the rest of the summer…)!>


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