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This week, the Internet compared Justin Bieber’s mom to Leonardo DiCaprio, and we learn just what happened to the screwball in major league baseball.

Give Me Your (Small, Alone) Huddled Masses

The news from the US-Mexico border this week but scary (and we’re thrilled our friend Jose Antonio Vargas has been released), but in reality, it wasn’t new. Child migrants have been coming to America since the days of Ellis Island, and as this article proves, we didn’t simply turn them away.

Teaching Your Baby to Swim

There are 10.4 million residential swimming pools in the US, and every day two accidental drownings occur. Can teaching your five-month-old (yes, five-month-old) to self-rescue help prevent these tragedies?

World Cup, William Kass

We didn’t think the World Cup could get better, until we saw William Kass’s version.

The Mythical, Disappearing Screwball

According to two-time Cy Young award winner Tim Lincecum, the screwball doesn’t exist. Hector Santiago begs to disagree, and his career is depending on it. What in the world is happening to baseball’s most mysterious pitch?

Who Is the Smartest Celeb on Twitter?

What do Justin Bieber’s mom, Ludacris and Leonardo DiCaprio have in common? They top the list of smartest celebrity Twitter accounts, each operating around a seventh-grade reading level.

Food, Glorious Food

Artist William Kass has created a beautiful, edible world that provokes a profound sense of adventure and is good enough to eat.

A Culture of Giving

Former CIW Speaker Adam Grant talked to Inc. about his incredible research on Givers and Takers, and how to build a corporate culture that works.

Hello, Weekend!

Check out this handy guide to Pitchfork, and other activities to keep you busy for the next few days.

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