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Welcome to This Week On the Internet! 

In a week that included the impeccable Queen Bfashion week, and (for some of us) speed dating, it’s difficult to imagine that there would be anything else notable to discuss. Nonetheless, there is, and here are just a few of those things that we can’t stop talking about this week.
  1. Thanks to the rise of data, we can now see the future. (It’s full of cats.)
  2. This gem from our friends at the 99% conference prevented a meltdown yesterday. 
  3. Our favorite line from this article is a no-brainer: “Peer pressure produces horrible things like Britney Spears and Justin Bieber and tongue rings.” (Sorry, Beliebers – we do not mean to insult the offspring of Chuck Norris, only to point out that that is a truly amazing sentence.)
  4. Correction: the future is full of cats AND television
  5. Redemption for all those times your fifth grade teacher made you stand up and recite the preamble… 

Have a great weekend everyone!

P.s. You can thank me later

Brooke Scheyer is the Director of Programming at Chicago Ideas Week. 

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Brooke Scheyer is the director of programming.

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