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Delayed Justice

After Zella Jackson Price reunited with her daughter nearly 50 years after being told her daughter had died after birth, a host of other women have brought forth similar stories of newborns who nurses reported had died without providing a death certificate. Now, their lawyer is launching a belated investigation into the St. Louis hospital where the women gave birth.

The True Price of a Manicure

In New York City, nail salons are more ubiquitous than Starbucks. How do they all survive? Low wages and dangerous working conditions, The New York Times reports in a two-part investigation that’s been a year in the making.

#Deflategate, Part Two

#Deflategate’s back, and less fun that it was the first time around. At 243 pages, the NFL report into the Patriots scandal is certainly exhaustive, but inconclusive.

445 Pages of Selfies

What else could we mean by that headline than that Kim Kardashian’s coffee table book has officially dropped?

When the Internet Does the Right Thing

New York Times journalist David Carr’s daughter, Erin Carr, remembers her father—and the way that the Internet has helped her honor his memory.

Crossing the Atlantic

Yesterday’s UK elections came with a few surprises. First, why the results matter to Americans, according to CIW Speaker and Labour Party Advisor David Axelrod. Second, why the results matter globally, in a helpful explanation from CNN. And third: Just what were the results

Dog Day (Election) Afternoon

Dogs can’t vote in England, and other surprising facts from this important look at the dogs of the U.K. Elections, via the Wall Street Journal.

What Is Going to Happen to Stupid Pet Tricks?

No, really. It’s a great (and terrible) time to be a Letterman fan, what with the primetime CBS special featuring clips all the way back to his NBC morning show, an unusually candid interview with The New York Times and this truly amazing Vulture examination (with notes from the host himself!) of the jokes that got away. Meanwhile, his successor is busy funding every (every!) existing Donors Choose request made by South Carolina public school teachers.

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