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Here at Chicago Ideas, we’re constantly reading, researching and consuming—all as we work to put together a stellar lineup of programming. In Consumables, we share a few of our favorite places on the Internet each week.

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This week’s cutest story on the Internet award goes to this mother koala and her cuddly baby.

Amazing! Slate Goes Inside the ClickHole Offices and You Won’t Guess What Happens Next

It’s true. You probably won’t

Three Years on Rikers

Kalief Browder was held on Rikers Island for three years, without a trial. The New Yorker reflects on his brief life and the tragic results of miscarried justice.

In Search of Clear Waters

In light of this week’s events in McKinney, Texas, The Atlantic looks at the tense racial history of the neighborhood swimming pool.

“This Is the Forefront of Medicine, And We Can’t Go Too Fast.”

Lurie Children’s Dr. Rob Garofalo has become a leading expert in the treatment of transgender adolescents. Chicago Magazine discusses his practice and the complicated issue of just “how young is too young.”

Life Was Simpler When Angelina Jolie Was a Hacker

MIT headlined this article “Cyber-Espionage Nightmare”—and it is truly nightmarish. 

It’s True!

Hey! Friend of CIW, comedian, host of the WBEZ podcast “It’s All True” and all-around-good-guy Tim Barnes was profiled by Splitsider.  

The Atlantic, Circa 1869

The Atlantic has digitized even more of their content than we expected. Here’s Harriet Beecher Stowe’s take on Lady Byron.

Your Weekly Dose of Cute

Comes today via an ailing koala mom and her loyal baby.

C Is for Cookies…

And E is for Educational. Sesame Street keeps pace with preschool’s educational impact, says a recent study. 

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