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President Obama addresses the media on Thursday.

“Communities like this have had to endure tragedies like this too many times.”

President Obama’s speech yesterday underlined how common tragedies like the Charleston shooting are. The New York Times editorial board reminded us of the over 4,000 lynchings that are largely hidden from view in history books and our collective memories. While more details about the shootings emerged since Jelani Cobb published his reaction on The New Yorker site, his thoughts and questions still reverberate. The media are honoring the victims through memories from family and friends. Finally, details for how to donate to the Mother Emanuel Hope Fund are here.

The Pope Vs. Global Warming

The Pope’s latest encyclical details why he believes everyone needs to protect our climate, and why climate change is the purview of religion.

Move over, Hamilton.

What woman do you think should grace the $10 bill?

The Truth behind True Crime

With shows like True Detective (reviews of season 2 are…mixed), “Serial” and The Jinx, the true crime formula is slowly evolving, although how true-to-life it can be characterized is still up for debate.

The Apple Watch Review to End All Apple Watch Reviews

We’re just leaving this here for all those times you’ve thought, “I wonder what Newt Gingrich thinks of the Apple Watch.” (He, rather tepidly, likes it.)

The Origins of the Dilly Bar

Let’s all eat some Dairy Queen today, shall we?

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