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This, apparently, is what a true Wimbledon fan looks like.

Citation: One Count of Mischief

That’s what Calgary’s Daniel Boria was charged with, when he hooked up 120 helium balloons to a lawn chair and recreated Up, successfully.

Trailing the Pope Mobile

Pope Francis is traveling through Ecuador, Bolivia and Paraguay, and reporter Jim Yardley is chronicling the journey in online travelogues that bring a unique perspective to the journey, with analysis of seating charts, photos of the aforementioned Pope Mobile, and more.

Are You My Brother?

This is a story of two sets of fraternal twins in Colombia, who learned of a mix-up at the hospital so bizarre that they could only describe it as being straight out of a telenovela.

This Is Just to Say

That so much depended on the red wheelbarrow, glazed with…wait, we think we’re mixing up a few William Carlos Williams poems. Never fear, though, The New York Times is here to set us straight with a little “Red Wheelbarrow” history and a look at the “forgotten man” the poem was based on.

Playoffs Beard Aficionados Meet Wimbledon Tennis Ball Head

This guy transformed his head—you read that right, head—for Wimbledon, and the world bows down to the strength of his fandom.

Polyester & Wool

An anonymous NYPD officer reflects on her service, her uniform and the complexities of a job that is at once vital and deeply flawed.

How Conscious Is a Celebrity Un-Coupling?

Very, celebrity divorce PR specialist Rob Shuter—who handled the breakup of Bennifer—tells New York Magazine.

United in Internet Problems

Wednesday’s series of “technical glitches” was certainly bizarre.

Art Paul & the Playboy Rabbit, Two Chicago Icons

We talked to graphic designer and artist Art Paul, Playboy’s founding art director, about his new show at the Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art, the relationship between fine and commercial art, and that bunny.

Erin Robertson is managing editor at Chicago Ideas.

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