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Black Lives Matter

The Department of Justice released its 105-page report on Ferguson this week, and what it says about Ferguson and our country is heartbreaking to read. You can read the full report here. Some “scathing” highlights are collected here.

Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere

Bob Dylan is back, releasing an album of Frank Sinatra covers and giving an exclusive interview—his first in almost three years—to AARP.

Brandon Marshall

Brandon Marshall, whom we will always consider a Chicago Bear, discussed his commitment to mental health awareness at CIW 2013.

Playing with a Purpose

A collective groan was heard echoing across the city this morning as the Bears announced WR Brandon Marshall had been traded to the New York Jets. CIW has been lucky to call Brandon a friend since he joined us onstage in 2013, and we will miss both his exceptional drive and athleticism on the field and his dedication to mental health awareness off of it. Best of luck, Brandon!

The Hollywood Report

The ’90s are calling with Independence Day II and a broadway version of Stephen King’s Misery, starring none other than John McClane (yippee ki yay, Bruce Willis!). The Academy is considering a return to a simpler era, when just five films competed for Best Picture. And Patricia Arquette on TV and film: “I think there’s a snobby concept about film versus television that still sort of exists.”

Siri, What Is Dial-Up?

We’ve gone from Ask Jeeves to Google, MySpace to Facebook. This Week on the Internet, we got meta and discussed the Internet’s past, present and future with CIW speaker and comScore Co-Founder Gian Fulgoni.

The End of Obesity?

According to the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, 160 million Americans are overweight, nearly 24 million of whom are morbidly obese. But could an end to this epidemic be within reach? Bariatric surgeon Dr. Randy Baker thinks so, thanks to his novel, minimally-invasive device that is redefining everything we think we know about obesity.

Brooke Scheyer is the director of programming.

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