Table XI’s Josh Golden Helps to Bring Chicago Organizations Online

Helmed by serial entrepreneur Josh Golden, Chicago web development company Table XI is poised to take over Chicago’s online presence.  The 12-year-old company has made its mark with sites of cultural significance to the Second City—sites like, YMCA Chicago‘s registration website and Chicago Ideas. 
And just this weekend, The Field Museum unveiled a redesign of its own site—completed, of course, by Golden and his team of web developers, researchers and strategists. It’s a fully responsive site—industry lingo for a site that functions equally well on your iPhone or Android screen as it does your laptop—and it features a blend of current exhibits (“Wonders of the 1893 World’s Fair—closing September 7!”), ongoing programs and media (become a “citizen scientist”), and archival information (holding “1800 linear feet of paper material”).
Table XI’s Founder and CEO Josh Golden makes responsive sites
for Chicago’s most culturally significant organizations.
This last bit—archives—is one that pops up in many of Table XI’s most high-profile projects.  From museum archives like those of the Field to PechaKucha’s and Chicago Ideas Week’s own video archives to Roger Ebert’s full catalog of movie reviews, “unlocking the archives is actually a trope” that most any Table XI employee could speak to—and one that the company is continuing to pursue in its projects.
“We’re looking for other organizations who need help making sense of long history of data,” Founder and CEO Golden said.
“CIW has actually been around long enough to have this massive treasure trove,” Golden said more particularly of Table XI’s efforts to highlight CIW’s upcoming events alongside its past Talks.  “It is a remarkable content engine and taking that and making it interesting and salient and relevant [and accessible] going forward is going to be fun.”

CIW’s redesigned homepage is one example
of Table XI’s approach to highlighting new events alongside
archival information.
Table XI’s approach to website redesign and development is one that has emerged from the company’s roots as a website analysis consultancy.  When clients began to ask for more than just facts and figures on its site visitors, Golden shifted the company into a hybrid analytics and development organization.  Even as Table XI has taken on more and more development projects, research, Golden stresses, has continued to be a “growing part of our organization,” especially as consumer demands have shifted over the past decade.

“Just simply building something isn’t necessarily the challenge anymore,” Golden said. “It’s building the thing that really resonates with users and that’s intuitive to use and invites them to interact with the solution, not just being forced to interact with it, as they might have once [had to].”
You can learn more about Table XI’s approach to digital strategy—as well as just what Legos has to do with web developmentin their CIW Lab “Learn Agile with Legos” Wednesday, October 15 from 3 to 6 p.m.

Erin Robertson is managing editor at Chicago Ideas.

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