Data Shows That You Should Be Dating This Holiday Season

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Bela Gandhi is the Founder and President of Smart Dating Academy, and was a speaker at Chicago Ideas Week 2016. 

A few weeks ago during our “Jump Start” coaching session at the Four Seasons Chicago, a client asked me if people “go on dating hiatus, and shut down and hibernate between December and Valentine’s Day.” My answer to her was a resounding “no!”

Contrary to popular belief, dating during the holidays can be fun and quite fruitful. As a ‘relationship insider’ for, I see that their membership goes up almost 50 percent around the holidays, which means that nearly one in two daters is coming online fresh, excited, and ready to meet you. Why does this increase happen? As you can imagine, the cold, darker days lead to more online dating, and people find that their ‘nesting’ instincts increase. Add to that the hope of having someone to kiss at midnight on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s resolutions, and you’ve got the so-called “Perfect Storm” in dating memberships.

Here are three ways to date for success during the holidays and into the New Year!

Become a Psychotic Optimist

When talking about love, a friend of mine called me a “psychotic optimist” because I fervently believe that love can and will happen for anyone who wants it (or at least anyone who is ready to do something about it). First, understand that there are 107 million singles in the U.S.—which accounts for about 43 percent of the adult population—so even if you feel like you’re the last single person left in Chicago, you’re not. Trust me. By reading this post, you have been auto-inducted into Smart Dating Academy’s Club of Psychotic Optimists, which means you date as if finding love is a “WHEN” not an “IF.”  You are patiently in the game, whether it takes ten dates or 100 dates. Being a psychotic optimist makes dating much, more fun, and therefore much, more successful.

Real Life – Say Yes to EVERYTHING!

There are great singles everywhere, all around you if you keep your eyes open—and the holidays are no exception. Think about it: the holidays are when people are out and about, dressed up and ready to make magic and mingle. Your challenge is getting yourself into situations and being available to meet them. All year long, people complain about not wanting to meet people in bars, not getting set up, not having parties to go to, etc. And now, think about your December calendar. Many of you have weekends that are double and triple booked with parties, all hosted by friends, colleagues or family members. Keeping in mind that one in three married couples were introduced by family or friends, you should say yes to everything (or as many as you can humanly handle!), and brush off your icebreakers before you head out. 

Spruce Up Your Profile

The new year calls for new updates to your online profile. January 8 is predicted to be the ‘busiest online dating day’ of the year (it’s the Sunday after New Year’s Day when people really ‘get serious’ about their love resolutions).  You need to have great photos (headshots and bodyshots that are less than one year old), and good fun profile text (not too short or long) to get your “online motor running.”  Online sites like Match favor people who are active in two ways: active on your own profile (adding new photos, changing up text), and actively corresponding with other singles.  If you want to keep your profile “at the top of the pile,” you definitely want to have a large number of good photos to keep in circulation to keep your potential suitors interested.

Dating during the holidays is active and alive, so get your psychotically optimistic self out there in circulation, both online and in real life – and get ready for a love-filled 2017.

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