CIW Playlists: CIW Co-op Member Elizabeth Lindau

CIW Co-op member Elizabeth Lindau is passionate about our city.  The violinist, in her words, “strive[s] to be a connectorto meet and interact with engaged, passionate Chicagoans.” Her band, Canasta, is a six-person pop orchestral group that positions itself as a “love letter to Chicago.”  But the band’s influence is definitely felt far outside Chicago; they’ve taken their Chicago anthems to the road and played at South by Southwest and New York City’s CMJ Music Marathon, among other venues and festivals.  Not to mention that they’ll be playing at home at the House of Blues June 13.

Elizabeth Lindau takes the stage as a part of the band Canasta.  Photo credit: Kari Terzino.

Lindau shared with us a Spotify playlist of her favorite song to sing karaoke to, the song that will guarantee your wedding party hits the dance floor and the anthem that she (and we) hope will take Chicago by storm this summer.

Tell us a song that…

Reminds you of home: “Ask,” The Smiths
I remember a lot of drives around the fields and malls of Northwest Indiana, listening to The Smiths.

Is on your iPhone right now: “Pocket Calculator,” Kraftwerk
Well, I don’t have an iPhone or any kind of smart phone. So, “Pocket Calculator” is appropriate. 

Makes you think of Chicago: “Slow Down Chicago,” Canasta
In an alternate universe, it’s Chicago’s favorite summer anthem. 

Makes you want to get up and dance: Pimpin’ All Over the World,” Ludacris
Once at a wedding the groom put this song on, just cause he’d knew I’d hit the dance floor.

Perfect for a long drive: “Goddess on a Highway,” Mercury Rev
I mean, it has “highway” in the title, plus a vibe that carries you off into the horizon.

From a new artist you’re excited about: Met Before,” Chairlift
The “Choose Your Own Adventure” music video for this single is good for at least 30 minutes of procrastination.

You sing at karaoke: “Punk Rock Girl,” The Dead Milkmen
A hidden gem for karaoke. Very easy to perform, as it’s mostly talking. Less than three minutes long so you’re not stuck up there too long. A strong, crowd-pleasing finish. 

You featured in an article you wrote (and are especially proud of): Appreciation,” Canasta
There’s a prominent violin solo, and when performed live, it gives me a chance to pull out the melodica. 

Erin Robertson is managing editor at Chicago Ideas.

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