How to Make An Impact: Future of Gender

At our March Member Event, Guess Who’s Coming to Lunch: The Future of Gender, we were joined by Megan Carney of UIC’s Gender and Sexuality Center, Anthony Betori of Literature for All of Us, and Dr. Marco Hidalgo, Ph.D., of Lurie Children’s for an engaging, productive and intensely personal dialogue aimed at promoting a better understanding of gender and changing gender norms in our society. Every individual walked away with a renewed understanding of social constructs around gender and what we can do build a more inclusive, understanding society.

Our panelists have given us some great resources to help us understand how to be more inclusive in our everyday lives.

Suggested Literature:

Parrotfish, a young adult novel by Ellen Wittlinger

Troubling the Line, a survey of contemporary trans and gender queer poetry edited by TC Tolbert and Tim Trace Peterson

I’m Alive It Hurts I Love It, a poetry book about trans identity by Joshua Jennifer Espinoza

Helpful Documents (downloadable):

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