Six (Post-Vortex) Ways to Get around the City

Now that spring has—dare we say it?—arrived, we’re eager to get outside and enjoy Chicago.  No longer will we be shuttling ourselves door-to-door, wrapped from head to toe in down jackets and multiple scarves.  Instead, you can find us hopping from neighborhood to neighborhood using one of the alternative transportations options below.

1. Water taxi
On a relaxing weekend, the water taxi can’t be beat.  We like to take one from our office just off the Chicago River to Chinatown, and we can’t recommend it enough.  (And a little birdie told us that at 1 p.m. this Saturday, May 17 Chicago Water Taxi is offering reduced fare at the Magnificent Mile Stop, as well as the change to win a 2014 season pass.)

2. Pedicabs
Ever wonder what it’s like to take a pedicab?  CIW Co-op member and Roadiecab founder Robert Ashmore reminds us that it’s not only fun; it’s also a great way to support your local neighborhood.

3. The CTA
We hope you are already a CTA pro, but if not, this is just your friendly reminder that the CTA has a lot to offer—the elevated tracks through the Loop, busses that speed down Lake Shore Drive and access to all of the city’s neighborhoods.  And now that the sun has returned, waiting for the bus can be an almost enjoyable experience.

4. The Metra
Often overlooked by the non-commuter, the Metra is a convenient, comfortable way to get around greater Chicagoland. To the south, you can visit the Museum of Science and Industry and the University of Chicago, the Flossmoor Station Brewing Company for some locally brewed beers and continue south to the Indiana Dunes.  Head north, and you can enjoy concerts at Ravinia—where we’ll be in June to see the original JT, James Taylor.

5. Bike

Rahm agrees: Chicago is the perfect city to see by bike.

6. Walking
Stroll along the lakeshore path, take a cue from our springtime list and do some window-shopping or just go for a walk around your neighborhood.  There’s nothing better than Chicago in spring—and as we all know, we can’t depend on it to last too long.

Erin Robertson is managing editor at Chicago Ideas.

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