The 5 Most Memorable Quotes from Chicago Ideas on Friday

Chicago Ideas Week brought another day of inspirational program to the city on Friday. From on-stage Conversations at Morningstar to our daylong thought-provoking Edison Talks at the Cadillac Palace Theatre, attendees discovered ideas that unlocked their inner curiosity. Here were five of the most memorable quotes from the day.

“I can’t imagine anything worse than being locked up over something you didn’t even know about.”


As the founder of Lava Records, Jason Flom has shaped the careers of some of the world’s biggest musicians. But he’s also heavily involved with the Innocence Project, and has helped exonerate falsely convicted people across the country for the past two decades. His session at Edison Talks shined a light on the disturbing problems with America’s criminal justice system.

“You can’t argue with science. I gathered anything I could get my hands on.”


LeAnne Walters was the primary whistleblower and activist who brought national attention to Flint, Michigan’s water crisis. At Friday’s Edison Talks, she was joined on-stage by Marc Edwards, the Virginia Tech professor whose investigative science helped bring attention to not only Flint’s problem, but also to Washington D.C.’s in the early 2000s. At Edison Talks, Walters broke down how she proved that her community’s water was filled with lead, and how other communities struggling with the same issue can take action.

“With unity comes strength, and with strength anything is possible.”


Choreographer and performance artist Jon Boogz wowed the audience at the Cadillac Palace Theatre with his mesmerizing dance moves on Friday—but he also broke down how his art aims to spark conversations and strengthen communities.

“If solar panels are good for the marines in the fight forward in Afghanistan, what’s wrong with the rest of us?”

How the Military Is Solving the Energy Crisis

Assistant Secretary of the Navy Dennis McGinn broke down how the military is solving the energy crisis on Friday, explaining that marines on the front lines have used solar power to not only make their missions safer, but also more energy efficient.

“You don’t really know someone until you travel with them.”


Aside from telling attendees to “use and abuse” their friends, Time Out North America editor Joel Meares broke down that he prefers to travel solo at Friday’s Travel Conversation.

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