The 5 Most Memorable Quotes from Chicago Ideas on Saturday

Saturday marked the sixth day of Chicago Ideas Week 2016, and attendees flocked to Morningstar and Labs across the city to tap into their inner curiosity. A pair of on-stage Conversations at Morningstar paired with Labs across the city made for an amazing day. Here were five of the most memorable quotes from CIW on Saturday.

“We as newsmakers don’t really control the methods of distribution in the way that we used to.”

Conversation: You Won't Believe How Journalism Is Changing

OpenNews Project director Dan Sinker laid out the biggest difference between journalism today and in past generations at Saturday’s “You Won’t Believe How Journalism is Changing” Conversation. He laid out that the internet has fundamentally changed not only the way that audiences consume news, but also how publishers distribute it.

“You never know what happens when you put yourself out there.”


Chicago Ideas Week got an inside look at how Matthew Hoffman launched his viral “You Are Beautiful” campaign. The artist explained where his inspiration comes from, and the impact that public art can have on a community.

“There are more known aromatic compounds in coffee than in wine, beer and chocolate. And there is still so much that is unknown about coffee”


Metric Coffee co-owner Xavier Alexander hosted an illuminating Chicago Ideas Week Lab that showed how far the coffee industry has come in recent years, and how it will continue to progress in the coming years.

“Hay que votar por un candidato que nos va a unir.”


At Saturday Afternoon’s CIW in Spanish: La Nueva Mayoría Conversation, the 2016 election was front and center, and Cristian de la Fuente illustrated the importance of electing a candidate that will unite the country’s Latino community.

“I think we should worry about journalism and the increase of opinionated journalism- there’s too much of it.”

Conversation: You Won't Believe How Journalism Is Changing

At the conversation on the changing state of journalism, Jezebel founder Anna Holmes illustrated that straightforward news is rapidly being replaced by “hot takes.”

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