The 5 Most Memorable Quotes from Chicago Ideas on Tuesday

Chicago stayed curious on Tuesday at Chicago Ideas Week. Whether it was learning how to be a better negotiator or discovering how some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs got their starts, the day was filled with events and ideas that are sure to spark action. The day was filled with amazing Talks, Conversations and Labs—here are the five most memorable quotes we heard from all of them.

“A lot of business people and entrepreneurs get caught in the plan… but you have to get on the road and be planning while you’re moving.”

Entrepreneurship: Turning Points

Bethenny Frankel’s path to success wasn’t easy, and she broke down exactly what drove her to become an incredibly successful entrepreneur at Tuesday night’s marquee Talk.

“We found money to militarize police. Let’s find money for quantitative data.”


Marc Lamont Hill brought a unique perspective to the Policing: Force of the Future Conversation, which became the most spirited debate at Chicago Ideas Week 2016 thus far. The role of policing in America’s communities is a very, very timely subject—a fact that was not missed on our panelists. Hear more from this talk.

“You can roast people. You can throw barbs at people. But make fun of yourself first.”


At Tuesday night’s Wildcard Talk, the audience had no idea who would show up or what they would talk about. Comedian and actor Bob Saget closed out the show, which included a live q-and-a with audience members and Twitter users following along on Periscope.

“Think of the future like a Harry Potter world. Where things are enchanted with tech instead of dominated by a screen.”


“The human brain has three responses to consequence. Fight, flight or make friends. The great negotiators can do all three.”


Former FBI hostage negotiator Chris Voss broke down dome of the keys to getting the best deal at the Art of Negotiaton on Tuesday, which included a unique third option in a “fight or flight” scenario.

At the Creativity at Work Talk, Wearable Experiments designer and director and Funderwear inventor Billie Whitehouse laid out what she saw as the future of fashion and technology.

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