Top 10 Chicago Donut Shops

Chicago: The Windy City, the City of Big Shoulders—and the Birthplace of National Donut Day?  Turns out, yes.  In 1938, Chicago’s Salvation Army launched National Donut Day, and today, on the 77th Anniversary of that first donut celebration, we’re thankful for the opportunity to sample our favorite fried treats.

Need a recommendation of where to buy donuts today?  We’ve put together a list of the best donut bakeries in the Chicago area.  

The Doughnut Vault

Near North Side
We like to think of this bakery as the sweeter (slightly less healthy) version of Walgreen’s vitamin vault. And now they’ll be taking their signature donut glazes—like pistachio and chocolate—to a dozen more stores city-wide.

Abundance Bakery
The best description we’ve heard of this bakery’s donuts is “like Krispy Kreme, but better.”

Old Fashioned Donuts

For the donut purist, Old Fashioned serves up the best cake donuts this—or any side—of the Mississippi.

Dat Donut

Look at all those donuts at Dat Donut.

Open 24 hours and serving apple fritters the size of your head, Dat Donut is deserving of its name.

Oak Park Farmer’s Market
Oak Park
Cinnamon, powdered or plain? Three options, all delicious.

Dinkel’s Bakery 
Get the paczki.  Just trust us.

Do-Rite Donuts

The Loop
What do they do right?  Specially, each batch is no more than three dozen donuts.  They’re also perfectly sweet.

Glazed & Infused

various locations
We always end up in a daze after eating these donuts glazed and infused with maple-bacon, chocolate ganache and more.  

Firecakes Donuts’ storefront is always inviting,
enticing us to eat more donuts.

Firecakes Donuts
Near North Side
The perfect glazed donut and cup of coffee to start off your morning right.

Beaver’s Donuts
various locations
Chicago’s only donut truck is so convenient to the Chicago Ideas office that we don’t really want to share how often we’ve skipped breakfast at home in favor of these sweet treats.

Erin Robertson is managing editor at Chicago Ideas.

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