CIW YOU(th) Visits Edelman Chicago


For their penultimate professional event of the year, CIW YOU(th) Ambassadors, a select group of students who meet bi-weekly with the CIW YOU(th) program director to discuss the issues facing them and peers, visited global communications firm Edelman to explore all the different professional functions and knowledge areas it takes to make a business thrive.

One of the bigger challenges our YOU(th) members face is lack of exposure to a broad variety of jobs. Consequently, as they prepare to select colleges and majors, they often have to make these decisions without a strong sense of the world of opportunity available to them. For example, a student may have a vague sense that he’d like to major in Psychology, but does not have a robust perspective of all the different ways a psychology degree might be used in the professional world.

Edelman Chicago graciously opened their doors to give students an in-depth look at various departments and provided students the opportunity to ask specific questions. Below are the different knowledge managers who participated in the event and some samples of questions that were asked to give you a sense of ways you might be able to open the doors of your business to further evolve our students’ understanding of the working world.

Professional: Ally Rumzis, Recruitment Specialist, HR
Student questions:
– When you interview people, what’s a red flag?
– What traits do you need to be in HR? 

Professional: Josh Lieberthal, Senior Account Executive, Consumer Marketing
Sample student questions:
– If I am interested in more analytical things, could I find a role in marketing?

Professional: Bryan Kochy, Senior Financial Analyst
Sample student questions:
– What tools and traits do you need for a career in financial forecasting?

Professional: Mike Matthews, Production Manager and Ellina Stein, Associate Producer
Sample student questions:
– Do you work from the office, or off site?
– What are your hours like? 

Professional: Dhwani Jain, Associate Analyst, New Business and Caroline Killam, Assistant Account Executive, Marketing
Sample student questions:
– How do they work with other agencies?
– What are your favorite campaigns are that you’ve worked on? 

To become more involved with our YOU(th) program, please consider becoming a Chicago Ideas Member, or email youth (at)

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