2 Moms Media’s Sara Fisher

In 2011, Sara Fisher and business partner Caitlin Giles examined the Chicagoland marketing landscape and saw that it came up short in one area in particular: marketing to parents.  So, the two started 2 Moms Media, a PR and marketing firm aimed at the “powerful mom demographic.”  We talked to Fisher about just what it takes to start a marketing business in Chicago in our latest installment of The Local Look.
Photo courtesy of Sara Fisher.

Why did you choose Chicago?

Chicago was a natural fit for 2 Moms Media as both Caitlin and I got our foothold in mom blogging and for me, marketing, in this city.  I am a graduate of the Medill School of Journalism’s Integrated Marketing Communications master’s program, and I started my mom blog in 2006 after the birth of my first son, Joel.  I took some time off to stay at home with my kids before I started 2 Moms Media and wrote for Chicago Parent, where I have a monthly column on the best Chicago has to offer families.  It really shaped my view of Chicago as one of the most family-friendly cities.

If you could go back in time before you started this project and share one piece of advice with yourself, what would you tell yourself?
Be more prepared! We started our company almost on a whim with medium-sized expectations and now, three and half years in, we have quadrupled in size and I’m working harder now than ever. I’m grateful for each step along the way but no one could have prepped me for this gig! 
What are your next steps?

We are constantly trying to stay on top of social media and new platforms and developments. Social media is constantly changing and we need to change with it. We’ve hired younger staffers to help keep us up to speed! 

We want to be in the know!  Name one person, place or thing that you think is one of Chicago’s best-kept secrets—a secret until now, of course.

Tough call! There’s a walk way, down the stairs from the Tribune Tower that leads to a beautiful path along the river that is extremely picturesque for photo taking. You would never know it was there, but you’ll be glad you found it. 
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Erin Robertson is managing editor at Chicago Ideas.

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