Architects as Civic Leaders: Meet the AIA Film Challenge People’s Choice Winner

Each year, Chicago Ideas Partner The American Institute of Architects hosts its AIA Film Challenge. 2018 marked the fourth year of the Film Challenge with the timely theme of “Blueprint for Better,” which highlighted inspiring stories of architects working with civic leaders to enact positive change. The team at AIA believes that film is a powerful vehicle for bringing these stories of change to life, and this year’s People’s Choice winner could not be a better example of that vision.


Judging for the AIA Film Challenge is split in two. There is the People’s Choice award, which, you guessed it, is voted on by the people. Then, there is the esteemed panel of judges, who you can read more about here. These judges select the grand prize and runners up. The AIA team shared how important it was that the public had their opportunity to weigh in, especially considering this year’s theme and the message behind it. Their goal was to provide the opportunity to learn about what architects are doing in their communities, then give those communities a chance to voice their opinions on the stories that truly resonate with them.


If you joined us at the screening and cocktail event with The American Institute of Architects this October at Chicago Ideas Week, you might recognize the film below. We are honored to present you with this year’s People’s Choice Award winner, “Ka Hale: A Revival” by MarQ Morrison. Learn more about MarQ Morrison here.


Ready for more? Watch the Grand Prize, Runner Up, and Third Place winning films at Which one resonates with you?


Vanessa M. Buenger is the director of marketing & content at Chicago Ideas. She is passionate about storytelling and the power it has to change the world.

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