The implications of CPS’ $500 million loan and other links to help you start your week

Each week, Chicago Ideas will offer up some links to help you start your week. We’ll collect articles and videos to bring you up to speed on specific issues, while offering action items for you to get involved with, too.

What to read: CPS buys short-term relief with bonds that will carry costs for decades

Last week, Chicago Ideas condensed the Chicago Public Schools budget for the coming year. But as we noted then, a lot of what we discussed was still subject to change. And while this news doesn’t affect the current budget, CPS has taken out $500 million in loans, which the Chicago Tribune projects will end up costing over $1.35 billion by the time they are paid off. This decades-long plan is meant to keep schools open through 2019, which is proving to be a short-term solution with long-term implications

Continued readings:

What to watch: Is There Time to Make Education a Human Right?

Sal Khan is the Founder and CEO of the Khan Academy, and when he spoke at Chicago Ideas Week in 2015, it was to promote the idea that education should be a human right. Given all the coverage we’ve given to the recent announcements regarding Chicago Public Schools—like the one above—it’s important to revisit Khan’s ideas about making education more freely accessible to people throughout the world.

What to do: Chicago Rescue Day

This Sunday, the Animal Welfare League is hosting Chicago Rescue Day, an event focused on helping animals during the summer, a time when diseases are often spread quickest among throughout shelters. With a lengthy list of participating groups and sponsors, it’ll be a way to support these worthwhile organizations during a time of need while also learning the best ways to be involved year-round.

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