Writer Nell Scovell Delights During Our Curiosity Series

This year’s Curiosity Series has seen moving performances, Interfaith leaders, and Deepak Chopra himself, but nobody made us laugh so much—while making us think—as TV writing legend Nell Scovell. After joining us for a screening on February 27 of her cult feminist classic Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, she sat down with her good friend (and president of Ariel Investments) Mellody Hobson for a funny and insightful chat on Nell’s experiences in the Hollywood Boys’ Club, her advice for women trying to get a seat at the table, writing Lean In with Sheryl Sandberg, and what makes something funny. To find out more about Nell Scovell and some of the ideas she shared, check out the links below. Did you miss the conversation? Watch the video.


  • Read Scovell’s groundbreaking 2009 Vanity Fair piece that blew the lid of the Hollywood Boys’ Club in late-night comedy, then check out her new book, Just the Funny Parts
  • Super-power your fight for workplace equality. Check out these tips from on supporting women, whether you identify as one or not.
  • Learn about local organizations working to support women in the workplace. For example, get to know Chicago Women in Trades, which works to increase women’s participation in well-paid, skilled jobs traditionally held by men; or Voxx, an organization that creates inclusive spaces to celebrate the voices of women.
  • Enjoy some of Scovell’s funniest work! Check out her legendary Simpsons episode, her episode “Carnival Magic” on the recent Mystery Science Theater 3000 reboot, or watch Sabrina, the Teenage Witch on Amazon.

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Jennifer Boudinot is a freelance writer and entrepreneur focused on the changing workplace, disruptive business practices and cocktails—yes, cocktails. She's also a book editor and a best-selling ghostwriter.

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