Albany Park Community Center Is Expanding To Bronzeville To Tackle Mental Health Needs On South Side

COMMUNITY AREA #14: Albany Park—The Albany Park Community Center

One of the first moves is to begin offering counseling services to students of four South Side schools.

ALBANY PARK — The Albany Park Community Center has been a haven for immigrants new to Chicago for more than 40 years. Now the center is expanding to the South Side, with its counseling services a key component of its draw.

“Unfortunately, we live in a time where there’s just not enough mental health services anywhere,” the community center’s CEO Monica Woodson said. “You just simply cannot have enough.”

Given Chicago’s closure of half of its mental health clinics almost seven years ago, Albany Park Community Center’s expansion to Bronzeville (the location at 4455 S. King Drive is known as APCC-South) could be a lifeline for some of its residents.

“We know that counseling is an unmet need throughout the city,” Woodson said.

Residents across the South Side — not just in Bronzeville — could benefit from the expansion…

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