CityKey Municipal ID Program Was Pitched As A Way To Help Immigrants — But People From All Walks Of Life Are Snagging One

COMMUNITY AREA #71: Auburn Gresham—Chicago CityKey

Need a government-issued ID but don’t have a birth certificate or driver’s license? This (free, for now) card aims to bring folks out of the “shadows.”

AUBURN GRESHAM — Since the city rolled out its municipal ID card (known now as a Chicago CityKey) this spring, folks from all walks of life have been lining up to get one.

The ID card was initially pitched as a way to help  undocumented immigrants, offering them a government-issued personal identification card without needing a birth certificate or social security number.

But the program has been successful among all populations — thanks to its accessibility…

This story was written by Lee Edwards and originally published on Block Club Chicago in partnership with Chicago Ideas and The 77 Project. Continue reading here.


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Vanessa M. Buenger is the director of marketing & content at Chicago Ideas. She is passionate about storytelling and the power it has to change the world.

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