After the Idea #5: Hope for the Day Founder Jonny Boucher on Why “It’s Ok Not to Be Ok”

We’re back with our first episode of 2019. Today’s episode is a continuation of our storytelling series: The 77 Project, presented in partnership with Xfinity with additional support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The goal of this project is to connect communities and inspire you to get involved with some of the organizations and people working to shape a better future for the city of Chicago.

Today, Chicago Ideas Director of Marketing Vanessa M. Buenger will sit down with Hope for the Day Founder & CEO Jonny Boucher. In this episode, you’ll hear the origin story of Hope for the Day and why Boucher was inspired to start, how he turned this idea into action, some of the big wins to day, and what’s next.

Hope For The Day achieves proactive suicide prevention by providing outreach and mental health education. Learn more at

Learn more about The 77 Project, a storytelling series told in partnership with Xfinitiy with support from the Robert James Woods Foundation.

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