XS Tennis Is a Safe Haven Prepping Chicago Youth for College and Beyond

COMMUNITY AREA #40: Washington Park—XS Tennis

Kamau Murray is the founder and executive director of XS Tennis and Education Foundation, a free after-school program that provides thousands of Chicago Public School students from underserved communities access to tutoring, tennis programs, and more.

Since its founding, XS Tennis has seen a 100% college acceptance rate among its graduating seniors, but Murray has even bigger plans: He wants to triple the amount of kids XS Tennis sends to college in the upcoming year.

Watch to learn more about Kamau Murray and his team’s mission with XS Tennis, then take a look back at Murray’s conversation with us at Chicago Ideas Week 2017, where he talks about his approach to success and coaching, being a Black man playing tennis, and his conversations with Billie Jean King.

ACT TODAY: Learn more about XS Tennis, and get involved here.


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