Art Institute Lion

Tuesday Trivia: Arts Around Town

Welcome to Tuesday Trivia! Each week, we tackle this big, bizarre, wonderful city through a different lens, asking you to answer the tough questions. This week we’re looking at our fair metropolitan through its arts.

Art Institute Lion

What’s this handsome critter’s name? Check out question #9 to find out! Photo credit:

1. What does the museum Intuit specialize in?

a. Dance as an art form

b. Outsider art

c. Impressionist art

d. Contemporary women’s art

Answer: B. Intuit, the Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art, focuses exclusively on self-taught artists who were not trained in traditional art academies or schools. Notably, Intuit holds Henry Darger’s collection.

2. What is the name of the Picasso sculpture in Daley Plaza?

a. “Lion II”

b. “Study in Steel”

c. “City on the Make”

d. “Untitled”

Answer: D. The work was commissioned in 1963. Subsequently, Picasso made the sculpture without ever explaining what it was called or what it was supposed to represent.

3. Which of these famous works of art is not at the Art Institute of Chicago?

a. “Nighthawks” by Edward Hopper

b. “American Gothic” by Grant Wood

c. “Sky Above Clouds IV” by Georgia O’Keefe

d. “Walking Man II” by Alberto Giacometti

Answer: Nonel of the above! Not to brag or anything, but there’s definitely a reason that the Art Institute of Chicago was voted no. 1 art museum in the world by Traveler’s Choice.

4. Which museum presented the highly acclaimed exhibit “David Bowie Is…” in 2014 and 2015?

a. Art Institute of Chicago

b. Smart Museum of Art

c. Museum of Contemporary Art

d. Museum of Contemporary Photography

Answer: C. The MCA had the distinction of being the only U.S. stop for “David Bowie Is” retrospective. Museum goers could see Bowie’s keyboards, his Ziggy Stardust jumpsuit, coke spoons, handwritten lyrics and rare performance videos.

5. Which CTA train stop is known for its colorful murals?

a. 18th Street Pink Line

b. Logan Square Blue Line

c. Belmont Red/Brown/Purple Line

d. Kedzie Green Line

Answer: A. Almost every inch of the CTA hub of Pilsen is decked out and painted. Even the stairs! Bonus trivia! CIW speaker and 2013 Artist-in-Residence Hebru Brantley designed the artwork on another very colorful CTA stop; the Cermak-McCormick Place Green Line stop.

6. Which famous cartoonist was born in Chicago?

a. Alison Bechdel

b. Emily Flake

c. Art Spiegelman

d. Daniel Clowes

Answer: D. Daniel Clowes, creator of Ghost World and Eightball, was born and raised in Chicago. He graduated from the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools before attending the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn.

7. What year did the DuSable Museum of African American History open?

a. 1978

b. 1973

c. 1968

d. 1961

Answer: D. The DuSable Museum has been operating since the early 1960s, showcasing African American art, history and culture in Hyde Park.

8. What is the proper name of the Anish Kapoor sculpture in Millennium Park?

a. “Cloud Gate”

b. “The Bean”

c. “The Pritzker”

d. “Unity”

Answer: While the sculpture is known colloquially as “The Bean,” it is more formally known as “Cloud Gate.” Perhaps because—and, yes, we’re putting a stake in the ground here—it looks much more like a cloud gate than it does a bean.

9. What are the names of the lion statues in front of the Art Institute of Chicago?

a. North and South

b. Rembrandt and Breughel

c. Honor and Victory

d .They don’t have names.

Answer: D. The lions don’t have official names although they are sometimes referred to as the north and south lions. Bonus trivia: Sculptor Edward Kemeys referred to the north lion’s posture as “on the prowl” and the south lion’s pose as “stands in an attitude of defiance.”

Stay tuned for next week’s trivia!

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