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Tuesday Trivia: Lights, Camera, Trivia!

Welcome to Tuesday Trivia! Each week, we tackle this big, bizarre, wonderful city through a different lens, asking you to answer the tough questions. This week we’re looking at our city on the big screen and quizzing you about Chicago in the movies.

Mean Girls

To find out which Chicago-area high school inspired Mean Girls’ North Shore High School, check out question #4! Photo credit:

1. When was the earliest film shot in Chicago?

a. 1896

b. 1899

c. 1900

d. 1909

Answer: A. It was called The Tramp and the Dog, not to be confused with Disney’s Lady and the Tramp, the 1903 Chicago film The Tramp Dog or the 1904 version of The Tramp and the Dog. Tramps and dogs: Making quality films together since 1896.

2. In Batman Begins, which Chicago skyscraper plays the part of Wayne Enterprises?

a. Tribune Tower

b. Trump Tower

c. Chicago Board of Trade Building

d. Merchandise Mart

Answer: C. The Chicago Board of Trade building looms large in the Batman films. Riding past it on the El always makes us feel like we’re in Gotham City.

3. Which of these teen dance drama romance movies was set in Chicago?

a. Step Up

b. Save the Last Dance

c.  Stomp the Yard

d. You Got Served

Answer: B. Within the entire genre that Netflix would probably categorize as  “movies about boys and girls from opposite worlds falling in love through a mix of ballet and street dancing,” Save the Last Dance is the one to claim Chicago as its setting. Relive the early 2000s with this clip.

4. North Shore High School, the fictional high school of Mean Girls, is based on which Chicagoland high school?

a. Oak Park River Forest High School

b. Northside College Preparatory High School

c. New Trier High School

d. Evanston Township High School

Answer: B. New Trier High School, located in the North Shore suburb of Winnetka, was the basis for the high school setting of Mean Girls. New Trier is academically rigorous, highly competitive and located in one of the wealthiest suburbs of Chicago. But on Wednesdays, do the students wear pink? Our sources have neither confirmed nor denied.

5. In the opening scene of When Harry Met Sally, the pair meet on the quad of a Chicago university to embark on a road trip to New York City. What university did they graduate from?  

a. DePaul University

b. Loyola University Chicago

c. University of Illinois at Chicago

d. University of Chicago

Answer: D. In the opening scene, you can see central quad and wrought-iron gate of the University of Chicago. Sure, the film is associated with New York City, but it got its start in our fair city. Given that Cameron Diaz also attended, maybe the University of Chicago isn’t where “fun comes to die” after all!

6. In Never Been Kissed, Drew Barrymore plays a homely adult who pretends to be a high school student to get the scoop on teen life. Which Chicago newspaper does her character work at?

a. Chicago Sun-Times

b. Chicago Reader

c. Chicago Tribune

d. New City

Answer: A. Drew Barrymore plays Josie Geller, a copywriter at the Chicago Sun-Times. We’re not sure that the film accurately represents journalistic standards, but we’ll give it a pass since everyone in it (including John C. Reilly, a post-Scream David Arquette and James Franco in his big screen debut) is having an infectious amount of fun.

7. Which of these Will Ferrell films was shot in Chicago?

a. Blades of Glory

b. A Night at the Roxbury

c. Old School

d. Stranger Than Fiction

Answer: D. The 2006 film in which Will Ferrell’s character, Harold Crick, finds out he is a character in someone else’s novel was filmed in Chicago. (Phew! Are you as exhausted reading that sentence as we were writing it?) Check out this post to see, in shot-by-shot detail, many of the movie’s Chicago locations.

8. In the iconic “Bohemian Rhapsody” scene from Wayne’s World, the boys sing their hearts out to the Queen classic while cruising around the Chicago suburbs when they pass a local curiosity: a spire of multiple cars stacked on top of one another in a parking lot. Until it was demolished in 2008, where could this car spire be found?

a. Aurora

b. Berwyn

c. Cicero

d. Brookfield

Answer: B. Check out the 2:33 mark on this clip for the Spire cameo.  The stacked cars were a commissioned art piece, “Spindle,” created by Dustin Shuler.

9. Which of these John Hughes films was not set, at least in part, in the Chicagoland area?

a. Home Alone

b. Breakfast Club

c. Planes, Trains and Automobiles

d. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Answer: All of the above! John Hughes grew up in Northbrook, a suburb of Chicago, and showed his love for this city throughout his career by setting so many of his films in or around Chicago.

Stay tuned for next week’s trivia featuring local politics!  

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