Co-op (Almost) Summer Soiree

Chicago Ideas is saying goodbye to the old days of networking by designing unique experiences and conversations that lead to deeper, more meaningful dialogue and action within the city of Chicago. Our Co-op is aimed at doing just that. At our recent (Almost) Summer Soiree hosted at Bang Bang Pie and Biscuits in Logan Square, over 50 Chicago-based instigators came together to make connections, have substantive conversations and, of course, eat pie!

The evening was interspersed with three questions from Co-op members to stimulate meaningful conversation. We hope you’ll use these to guide some of your weekend conversations. Share your thoughts with us using #ChicagoIdeas.

  1. “Who’s in your tribe?” asked by journalist Kate Sullivan. Her point was that sometimes your tribe, the people with whom you feel like your most real self and who inspire happiness and positive action within you, are not necessarily your friends and family. From what types of people do you draw the most positive power in your life?
  2. “How do we create intentional spaces for our community?” from performing arts producer Joe Varisco, who was just featured in this TimeOut piece on The Pride of Chicago. In an era where we still see negativity and prejudice towards “the other,” what are we doing to make spaces of inclusivity, or simply spaces for celebration of ourselves.
  3. “Who would your dream speaker be to see at Chicago Ideas Week and why? This one came from our Director of Booking and Curation, Brooke Scheyer. Pretty straight forward – who would you be totally amped to see?

We hope this makes your weekend conversation a little more engaging. Check out some photos (credit Alex Sharon) from the evening below. Big thanks to Bang Bang Pie, CH Distillery, and Lagunitas for their incredible bites and drinks.

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