5 Key Takeaways from our Data Lunch

Orrin Murray discusses Data Privacy vs. Data Sharing

Our second “Guess Who’s Coming to Lunch” program at the Kimpton Monaco’s Fisk & Co featured Orrin Murray, the Director of Technology and R&D at UChicago Impact; and Toni Maraviglia, the Lead and Founding Team Member at Our conversation was moderated by technology firm Table XI’s Noel Rappin.

Here are 5 quick takeaways from our info-packed conversation on data sharing vs. data privacy:

1) Big data doesn’t have to be scary. It’s used by many applications to help improve our world. Check out, an org that’s working to create a litter-free world and, which is helping to enhance the capacity of citizens to hold public institutions accountable.

2) If you’re looking to see less one sided content, regularly search for and consume articles from both sides. You’ll begin to see how the algorithm changes what content you’re being fed.
3) 2-factor authentication. Just do it, guys.

4) The City of Chicago shares more data than most cities in the US. It lets you find city data, facts about your neighborhood, and create maps and graphs. Find it at
5) Behind all the numbers, don’t forget your story. The story is not only the foundation, but also the most powerful part of utilizing your data. 

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