Introducing After the Idea: A Podcast by Chicago Ideas

After the Idea is a podcast produced to explore the most important part of an idea—what comes after. We’ll sit down with solution-makers in Chicago and beyond to learn how they turned their big ideas into action.

In 2001, Bethany McLean’s reporting for Fortune Magazine exposed pervasive and outright fraud at Enron, bringing down one of the most profitable and innovative corporations in American history in the process. In this episode we sit down with McLean to talk about the current state of journalism, what you can gain from a contrarian posture, the allure of true crime podcasts, and more.

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Vanessa M. Buenger is the director of marketing & content at Chicago Ideas. She is passionate about storytelling and the power it has to change the world.

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  • bob levy

    first time listner, loved this. would love to hear the story about drug pricing.


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