Introducing Elective: A New Event Series by Chicago Ideas

Was there a course in college that you always wanted to take but never had the time? What about that one class on the schedule that filled the minute it was announced?

Introducing Electives, your opportunity to be front and center for the classes you always wanted to take. Each Elective is an intimate masterclass that explores a single subject and is led by an expert in that field. Students will be prepped with materials like reading lists, syllabi, breakout groups and more.

Whether you’re a new grad looking to explore what’s next, a lifelong learner who never tires of diving into a fresh topic, or a curious mind just dabbling in something you’ve never tried, Chicago Ideas Electives are for you.

Member early access starts now. Get registered, and let’s go back to school.

As former Federal Prosecutor Andrew Polovin has discovered in his role, learning to trust your gut can be a powerful tool for accomplishing your goals in a constantly evolving work environment. Learn more about what this Elective will teach you and save your seat.

How do social movements become global crusades for change? What can these strategies teach us about the connections between people that transcend nationality, language and gender? Foreign Policy expert Meredith Stricker will give you a crash course.


In a world readily redefined by evolving technological innovations, humanity will need to adapt to a paradigm partly defined by its own inventions. The relationships we have with machines—and machines with us—alter our psychology indelibly. But how? Come learn from social psychologist Adam Waytz.

The gap between companies and consumers is smaller than ever. Marketers have to be agile, witty, and quick—all while holding strategic objectives close. In response, DePaul Marketing Professor James Mourey will show you how to take improv and turn it into marketable action.


No matter what you’re trying to learn, an Elective is bound to feed your curious mind. Explore the full schedule now—class is in session.

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